Paranormal Research Equipment – Finding Decent Paranormal Research Software

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Paranormal investigators usually take their work seriously, they are often seem employing a variety of different tools to assist them in their duties. Paranormal events are very complex and they are believed to cause energy disturbance across the electromagnetic spectrum. Some of the devices frequently used by investigators in unearthing paranormal events are:

Types Of Paranormal Research Equipment

Below is a list of equipment that most serious paranormal investigators use to conduct successful ghost hunting research.

EMF detectors: There are basically three types of tools that are built into EMF detectors; electric field, magnetic field and radio frequency meters.

Temperature sensors: these are very ideal since cold spots act as evidence whenever there is depletion of energy as a result of paranormal events, and since cold spots move rapidly then an infrared digital thermometer is more ideal.

Static electricity & Ionization detector: Because paranormal activity is likely to ionize surrounding forming ions. The amount of ions generated can be measured using an air ion counter.

EVP & Listening devices: These gadgets are used to capture the EMF energy levels resulting from paranormal activity.

RF detectors: These devices measure radio frequency waves in the range of 4.5 GHz, which is indeed low. Ghosts are associated with such low radio frequency signals and these devices can actually help in the investigations.

Radiation monitors: Spontaneous radioactive activity is also associated with anomalous activity, which researchers believe indicates disturbance in spirit energy.

There is other equipment that can be used to perform paranormal research. These include; paranormal research software, data loggers, oscilloscopes, pocket field viewers and battery powered meters.

Benefits Of Paranormal Research Software

Gathering the information is one thing, while effectively managing the information is another. Managing the data manually is as an outdated practice. Various paranormal software solutions have been developed to help solve this problem.

Good paranormal investigation software has the capability of tracking investigations, organizing evidence, printing reports, and storing findings. Paranormal investigation software also provides user friendly solutions that manage various aspects of an investigation. It can also allow multiple team members to manage evidence independently while preparing professional reports.